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Cuptime, the first real intelligent cup, can accurately record your drinking time and the account of drinking water every time, and with advanced algorithms of water balance Cuptime will remind you to dink in the most appropriate time. Yes, it’s the most appropriate time but not when you feel thirsty.

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Daily drinking water detection

With high precise sensor and precise algorithm, Cuptime knows how much water you drink every day, and the range of error is +/- 20ml. And with 3D acceleration sensor, we developed action recognition algorithm. So when you pour away the water, Cuptime can identify this action, and will not add your water consumption.

DPAT smart Drink plan

According to your drinking amount, your physique, activity, environment temperature, DPAT smart drink plan will arrange the most appropriate drink time and water consumption for you, and backup this plan in your Cuptime through Bluetooth v4.0.

Drink reminder

Cuptime will remind you to dink in the most appropriate time. And it will Confirm whether you beside him. If it confirm you are off work, and it will not work until you come back.

Good habit of drinking water

Its convenient to transfer drinking information to your mobile through Bluetooth 4.0. You can read and manage your drinking water plan in you mobile, and even get the suggestion from APP.

Water temperature display

With built-in temperature sensor, Cuptime will display the water temperature through indicator light: Blue light: 0-35’C, yellow light 35-75’C, red light: 75-95’C;

Tritan material

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