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If you’re looking for an activity tracker to keep tabs on your daily activities but don’t like the idea of wearing a wristband, the folks at Veari have an alternative: Fineck, a smart necklace that tracks health metrics while worn around the neck.

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As with wristbands, Fineck tracks common information like distance traveled, as well as neck positions, balance, and posture, providing the information on various charts through the related smartphone app.

Fineck features a titanium tracker on the rear portion where it sits on the back of the neck. From there, the tracker monitors neck movements, posture, motion, how long the wearer’s head is tilted down, and more. If you have a habit of leaning too much to one side, for example, the related app will show this.

The Fineck app also offers games that are controlled through movements while wearing the tracker: Animal Runner, Crushed Meteorite, Jungle Dew, and Super Down. The wearable itself is IP6 waterproof, and the band is made from medical-grade silicone; it is being offered in three sizes, as well (medium, large, and extra large). Run time is said to be seven days on a charge.

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