Magic Motion Smart Kegel Balls

Magic Motion Smart Kegel Balls
room China
label Health

Available in Pink and Purple, the magic smart kegel balls are an innovation developed to aid in the exercise of the pelvic floor muscles and bringing pleasure.

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These little marvels can link to your smart phone to keep track of your kegel exercise progress with your virtual personal trainer at your command day and night.

Features include:

  • Personal pelvic trainer
  • Professional training courses
  • Keep track of exercising activity
  • Easy exercising and benefits to share
  • Voice guide for workout
  • Game-like award training system
  • Dual mode (with or without app)
  • USB rechargeable Lion-Battery (with DC2.0 – USB cable)
  • Body-safe silicone material
  • High quality motor
  • Travel-ready
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

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