Smart Bracelets

Smart Bracelets
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This creative team company is headquartered in Europe and offers strong software capabilities. It is a
cooperating software partner with Google. Currently the company is preparing to launch a smart handset
and smart bracelet in China, and has thus dispatched a marketing employee to the new Shenzhen
Innovation Office to oversee smart handset and smart bracelet research, development, production, and

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Because the team lacks experience in hardware, especially in the production supply chain, it encountered difficulties in further development of its handset and bracelet project.

In May of this year at the Shenzhen Home Expo, this marketing employee learned that the IngDan Link Service can help them with recommendations for suitable suppliers. He therefore contacted the IngDan Supply Chain Services Team.

Subsequently, the IngDan Supply Chain Services Team recommended a planning and design service provider. However, in follow up visits, the IngDan staff learned that the team was not really satisfied with the recommended supplier. They found that the company was too small and did not have sufficient project experience.

Therefore, the IngDan Supply Chain Services experts recommended Desay (Apple supplier) to satisfy the client’s needs. This team has now come to a strategic cooperation with Desay, and the smart bracelet project development is steadily underway

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