Smart Furniture Project

Smart Furniture Project
room China
label Smart Home

This project was a solution for positive lifestyles launched in response to the wave of smart hardware. The team’s supply chain supervisor made indirect contact with the IngDan Supply Chain Team during a IngDan event.

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They wanted to introduce more new suppliers to escape the monopoly being faced by their
original supplier. They needed IngDan’s Link Service to help them link up with supply chain service providers. For a variety of reasons, this supervisor initially was unwilling to submit a request on the IngDan webpage, and wanted to resolve his problem offline.

Subsequently, after multiple discussions with the IngDan Supply Chain Team, and upon reading through information about the IngDan Link cases on the IngDan webpage, he gradually realized the powerful capabilities available through the IngDan Supply Chain Team. Eventually, he registered on the site, and submitted a request for a mold factory.

The IngDan Supply Chain Team recommended a mold factory entirely meeting his needs, and he was very appreciative, again submitting a request for an OEM. IngDan then recommended 3 suitable OEMs to him. All of the suppliers recommended by IngDan are now his company’s backup supply chain service providers.

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