IngDan China Access

IngDan China Access

The current generation of tech savvy consumers and their increasing purchasing power, has made China an attractive market for hi-tech companies around the globe. IngDan China Access can help you launch your products in China by giving you access to the vast consumer market in China, through our partnerships.


Think of IngDan China Access as the friend that is super connected and doesn’t think twice about using those connections to help you succeed.


We can help introduce your product to the Chinese market through our partnerships with multibillion dollar distribution entities like JD (similar to BestBuy in the US)

Capital investment

We bring tech, communities and capital opportunities into one global Innovation ecosystem to create value for all parties via open innovation and our principal advisory board.


We will leverage our partnerships with national media outlets in China to ensure that your product gets the buzz required to gain immediate traction for a successful market entry.


We can feature your product in our coveted IngDan Experience Centers in China to help consumers experience your product first-hand. – Read more


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