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When we refer to wireless speakers, we’re usually talking about Bluetooth speakers, or systems that use Wi-Fi. But how about “close contact induction” speakers? Not familiar? The $69.90 Oaxis Bento aims to change that.

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With no Bluetooth pairing or Wi-Fi access required, the Bento plays music from your phone or tablet wirelessly by amplifying magnetic waves using electromagnetic induction sensors beneath a surface that you place your phone on.

The top panel is where the magic happens. There’s a line printed on the panel, and you use this line as a rough guide for placement of your phone or tablet’s speakers. When the unit is powered up (the Power switch is located on the rear panel, along with a 3.5mm Aux input and a micro USB charging port for use with the included cable), just press play on your device and set it down flat, with its speakers near the line. It’s easy to tell when you have found the best placement; the Bento gets more detailed and full-sounding, and an LED on the front panel rapidly blinks.

Beneath the top surface are electromagnetic induction sensors that captures the unique magnetic waves as music is played on your phone. This Close Contact Induction Technology is future proof as there are no propriety standards, protocols, ports or cables to change with each mobile phone upgrades.

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