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We are a startup company with strong technical background. We have three core technical persons in charge of hardware, software, architecture, and all of them have more than 14 years of experience. Our algorithm engineer has been focusing on image algorithm for 13 years. He has provided technical support to numerous well-known companies. Our team members have deep background in both hardware and software, trying to make a true smart scanner.

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When we planned to develop a fast, easy operating, and smart scanner, We have tried many ways, not only solving the problem of book scanning, but also making the common document scanning easier. We know that Google has done some hard work on book scanning, but we think it might not be the best way, we want to make the device easier, affordable. More people can enjoy the new way of scanning and private their own library.

So we spend a long time to redesign the structure of the scanner to adapt to the documents, books, objectives and so on.

To make it perfect for curved pages like books, we adapt the algorithm and have tested for hundreds times.

To make scanning fast, we use the CMOS imaging principle, and choose SONY’s 16M pixels sensor chip.

To solve the slow speed processing problem caused by huge amount of computation, we chose the high speed DSP coordinate with the 1G DDR and 1G flash to ensure the processing speed of the device.

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