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InkCase is a smartphone case with an additional e-paper display on the back.

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InkCase displays any picture you want on the back of the phone, including weather forecasts, your daily To Do List. InkCase’s E-Paper technology and low power consumption complete your eBook reading experience on a Smartphone without hurting your eyes nor worrying about draining the phone’s battery. InkCase is available to users of iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note II and many more models to be supported soon.

InkCase’s slim and light weight design that you hardly notice the differences and is a great gift for your loves one. The e-paper will protect your eyes from long time reading.

Together with a FitCase, it becomes a protective case and a second screen for the phone. The detachable concept makes it more versatile. It can be used independently or together with other FitCase designs, supports different Android smartphones. InkCase Plus is also a stand alone e-book reader.

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