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Smart Masks
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The founder is someone with a background in exterior design, and likewise met the IngDan Supply Chain Team at the Shanghai CES. While using the IngDan Link Service, they raised 5 requirements, with some requirements even exceeding the scope of the electronics supply chain, for example traditional mask filter cotton material suppliers.

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IngDan recommended three suppliers in the European and American markets involved with headphone foam, protein leather, and leather sewing processes. At the same time as being very happy with the suppliers recommended by IngDan, they became less satisfied with their existing hand board supplier. They thus submitted a request through IngDan Link for a hand board manufacturer.

The IngDan team again recommended a 3D printed hand board manufacturer. The team has now signed a cooperation agreement involving hand boards. At the same time, IngDan also recommended suitable mold factories and OEMs (the requirements of this project team were very specific.

Even though the project was for smart masks, nonetheless they required that the OEM be a headphone manufacturer, whereas many headphone manufacturers are unwilling to accept these types of orders, since processes are complex, assembly is difficult, and shipment volumes are small).

Currently, this project team is in talks with the OEM recommended by IngDan.

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