IngDan Labs

IngDan Labs

IngDan Labs plays the role of the world technology “Connector” that connects demand and supply, facilitating the development of IoT/AI related industries by providing value-added services.

Dream it, Build it; Disrupt it, Popularize it!

That’s the core philosophy of IngDan Labs.

Established 2016

Established in early 2016 with a group of world-class researchers, experts, and engineers, IngDan Labs is the R&D unit of Cogobuy Group. It is a public and open laboratory with a focus on IoT and AI technologies.

Our Vision

By always looking a step ahead, IndDan Labs creates innovative solutions and services in the critical path of IoT, AI, and related industries.

Adding Value

We provide value-added technology consulting services and solutions to corporations, innovators and startups.

The pitch

Complete turnkey solutions from incubator and accelerator functions to cutting-edge product research and development (R&D) for making and bringing your prototypes to a reality.

Highlighted Verticals


With a predicted market value of $15 billion by 2025, we believe facial biometrics tools will change the world. Revolutionising the face if finance, law enforcement, advertising, healthcare, hacking and identity theft and that is precisely what our lab is working on and implementing every day.


Voice Recognition requires flexibility and precision at the same time making the software-based nature incredibly versatile. Potential applications go far beyond assistants, helping with tasks like criminal forensics, security, purchasing and so much more our R&D team are building.


Tech and auto companies clearly stand to gain from connected vehicles. We believe many other industries face serious disruption and will need to adapt to the coming new world rapidly. Our engineers have experience in dozens of verticals and our ready for the future today.

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