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Here is an interesting gun controller for mobile devices and computers that enhances your FPS gaming experience. The PP Gun looks like a gun but has a mobile holder. The gun controller offers feedback recoil and makes your experience more realistic. You can insert the battery and turn on the switch, use a Bluetooth connection for mobile devices, and start playing. The bracket on the PP Gun can be adjusted. You don’t have to worry about dropping your mobile device by accident either.

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Hoping to optimize the gaming experience of FPS (first-person shooting), hardware startup PP Gun has created a gun-shaped controller that’s compatible with PC, mobile devices and Oculus. When players pull the trigger, the piston motor on PP Gun will run to simulate the feeling of recoil force.

Mobile devices sit in a bracket that can slide back and forth. The team believes that a small screen delivers a better FPS experience because control is more precise. The target now moves with the gun instead of being fixed on a 40′ TV. Its magazine box acts as the battery. When not in use, it turns into a portable power charger with USB ports.

Magazine box-turned charger. Formerly a game designer and a frantic FPS gamer himself, co-founder Bruce Cao believes that shooting is the gist of FPS whereas other aspects like roaming comes next. That was why he created PP Gun with Jack Cai, an electronic engineer and Kevin Wang, an industrial designer. Founded in late 2013, the startup is located in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley for hardware hackers. It’s currently searching for retailers with physical stores for Bruce thinks that playing with PP Gun offline can help convince prospective buyers. PP Gun has previously raised over 100 thousand RMB (~16 thousand USD) on demohour, a crowd-funding platform in China with a focus on hardware. It has recently launched its Kickstarter campaign.

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