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Vow Smart Headphones
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Finally a pair of headphones that let you connect to online services like Pandora or Douban Radio, and even better, you can chat with your friends using these headphones.

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Vow Smart Headphones are the world’s first smart headphones that let you connect to Android compatible chatting applications like We Chat and enjoy music as the same time. So the question would be, how does one chat on these headphones?

Well, Vow headphones have a detachable touchscreen module on the outside of each ear cup which is connected to the headphones using Bluetooth connectivity. And the headphones can also be used like usual headphones to listen to music from connected mobile devices or portable music players. As for the connectivity, the headphones can connect to 3G or WiFi seamlessly and let you enjoy online music without any connected devices.

The Vow smart headphones is unlike any other headphones. We’ve put an enormous amount of time into choosing the material and optimizing its design. We changed the touch screen three times during the development process so our clients will have a great user experience.

It really is a big challenge to put hardware, software, apps and services all together. You need to assemble a great team in which there is an expert in each field. Because we want to deliver a true smart headphones with great sound quality, internet experience, interface, cool and ergonomic design. Luckily we found the right partners and built a strong team. In addition, we contracted the top ODM management company and top OEM manufacturer in China

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