About Us

Jeffrey Kang, CEO, Cogobuy Group / IngDan

“To enable an everyday normal young entrepreneur to enjoy the resources held only by large companies is the idea of IngDan. To allow them to make mistakes at a low cost is the biggest help that can be given to young entrepreneurs”

Who we are

IngDan is a subsidiary of the Cogobuy Group, the largest e-Commerce platform for corporate procurement of electronic components in China. Our mission is to provide an online platform linking entrepreneurs around the globe to the rich supply chain and innovation ecosystem.

What we do

IngDan has formed a large supply chain-based open ecosystem through strategic collaborations with influential partners like Microsoft, Intel, Baidu (Google’s equivalent in China), WeChat (China’s proprietary integrated social media platform), and numerous other companies. IngDan has already successfully facilitated over 16,000 IoT projects and built a vast supplier network of over 8,000 suppliers.

Why we do it

We know hardware is hard, so our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by opening up access china’s supply chain, that previously only large companies can afford due to economies of scale.
Innovation is the lifeblood of IngDan and entrepreneurs are at the heart of our ecosystem. Hardware entrepreneurs have to navigate a tricky environment, sometimes clouded by a closed ecosystem of big players with high bargain power.